Our last inspection by HMIE was in November 2019.

The school and nursery were visited by the Inspection Team during the week beginning 11th November. The team found the following areas of strength in the school’s work:

  • Children who are polite, friendly and well behaved. They work well together in classes and across the school.
  • The high quality of relationships across the school community. Children, parents and all staff share mutual respect for each other.
  • Strong staff teamwork and a culture of professional learning resulting in improved teaching and learning experiences. As a result, children are motivated and engaged in interesting learning activities.

The following areas for improvement were identified:

  • Staff across the school and nursery should continue to work together, and with other schools, to improve assessment.
  • The leadership team and nursery staff should work together to develop high quality learning experiences. In doing this, they need to ensure effective planning for children’s learning is aligned to Curriculum for Excellence and provides learning at the right level of difficulty for all children.
  • The leadership team and nursery staff should work together to ensure children make the best possible progress in their learning. As part of this, they need to establish an effective way of tracking children’s progress through the early level.

A link to the report documents can be found below.

Education Scotland Inspection Reports